Congratulations to our 2016 - 2017 Officers

President - Dan Pichon

President Elect - Melissa Mayton

Secretary - Angelia Holloway

Treasurer - Regina Varnado

Board Members

Mike Underwood (Past President)

Chyrl Waldrip

Kristie Myers

Joey Homans



Eliminate Project


What if you woke up every morning knowing you had helped save a baby from a painful, deadly disease? The Eliminate Project gives everyone a chance to be a hero--by saving lives from maternal and neonatal tetanus.
Here's how: With one gift, you can be that hero. Just $1.80 can save a baby from maternal and neonatal tetanus. Think of what you buy every day—a cup of coffee or a snack—and think of what would happen if you committed instead to saving a life every day.

Save a baby a day for 1 year

Save a baby a day for 2 years

Make your commitment


Please put Kiwanis Club of Dawson County as the "Kiwanis-family organization to credit as the donor of this gift"